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feel at ease knowing that your loved one will receive the best care, provided with safety and compassion.  

Long Term Care


Our long term care program offers compassionate care for those whose health needs prevent them from remaining at home. Directed by a team of skilled clinicians including nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists, the needs of our long term residents are met on a person-to-person basis and include daily medical management and assistance with activities of daily living.

We understand how difficult it is for loved ones to transition from the home they have left behind, so we work hard to help our residents create a new, comfortable home with us. Understanding that each individual has different needs and capabilities, we cater to each resident’s unique needs and preferences, be they medical, social or emotional.

Our restorative team works closely with the rehabilitation department to design individual programs for walking, strengthening, range of motion, pain management, and group exercises. Our long term care program offers specialized nursing care, therapeutic recreational activities and supportive social services, all geared toward optimal health and well-being. In addition, a licensed physician works with our nursing professionals to monitor the changing needs of each of our residents.

Family members and caregivers can feel at ease knowing that their loved one will receive the best care, provided with dignity and compassion.    

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